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- Free of charge calculation within 30 minutes.
- 25-75% saving for corporate customers while translating similar subject texts.
- Data archiving with the use of Translation Memory.
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     Intercomservice thoroughly chooses its employees. We clearly understand the value of every worker for our translation agency. Our aim is to ensure realization of every employee's potential.

     Being a dynamic and fast-growing company we are always interested in attracting new employees. We offer our potential workers opportunities of career and professional growth, work in team of highly trained professionals, remunerative incentives and social security programs.

    You may send us your summary, and even if we have no open vacancies, ideally matching your interests and field of expertize, it may be opened in the nearest future.

    All the obtained personal data is stored in our database.


Currently we are looking for specialists as follows:


English technical translator

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German technical translator

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Obolonska Nabereshna 15, building 3, office 1
04210, Kyiv, Ukraine

tel.:   +38 (044) 581 08 90

mob.: +38 (067) 218 01 56


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