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      А.М. Gavrysh, М.М. Gavrysh, P.V. Zakharchenko, А.А. Machynya, S.N. Movchan, L.А. Vasylkovskaya

Dry construction technology German to Russian and Ukrainian dictionary. К.: Sole proprietor Pavlenko, 2010. - 272 p.

      The present dictionary is arranged on the basis of new glossary system for Dry construction technology German to Russian and Ukrainian dictionary and comprises more than 5000 words and word combinations associated with the construction technology, as well as related areas, such as building physics and construction chemicals, architecture, mining engineering, construction merchandizing. The dictionary contains Ukrainian and Russian equivalents and separate interpretations of German terms provided the absence of exact equivalents.

     The dictionary is designated for teachers, research workers and students of construction educational institutions, since the dictionary offers terminological glossary, widely used in scientific works and related educational disciplines. It may also be used by the building industry experts, representatives of scientific and research institutions, working in close cooperation with German firms, as well as specialists in the sphere of construction materials distributive trades and services.

The authors convey their gratitude to everyone, who contributed to issue of the present dictionary: merchandizing and commercial activity department of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Intercomservice translation agency stuff and KNAUF international company.


     The present dictionary is granted free of charge for companies entering with Intercomservice into Translation Services Contract for the period of one year upon payment of the first order.

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